Python Found on The Sets of Vani Rani

&TV’s recently launched show Vani Rani is all set to take television by storm. The actors are busy in shooting at the lavish set situated at Filmcity.  It was during one of the shoots that the unimaginable happened. A python was seen on set.  This huge snake disrupted the shoot! Sending the actors in a tizzy.

Jatin Nokewal who plays the role of Adi, Rani’s son on the show was the one who discovered the python, nestled on set! on being asked what was his reaction on discovering a snake so close to where they were working he said “ It was quite an experience coming across a Python in real life , I was not scared but amazed to have seen a creature so magnificent. It was quite an opportunity to be able to see a python so up close. I must appreciate the effectiveness of the forest officials who were very quick in their response. They safely captured the Python and took it away to safety. “

The show Vani Rani is a unique story about identical sisters who are very diverse in nature, married to step brothers! Things are further complicated with the fact that both of them are not on talking terms with each other due to an incident in the past.

Tune in to watch this dramatic family saga Vani Rani every Monday to Friday at 7:00p.m on &TV

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