Ratan Raajputh Gives Numerology Advice To Her Santoshi Maa Co-Star Ayyaz

After working together for long time, actors often end up becoming good friends and start sharing common interests. A similar incident has happened on the set of &TV’s popular mythological show, Santoshi Maa. The lead couple of the show, Ratan Singh Raajputh (Santoshi) and Ayyaz Ahmed (Dhairya) have closely bonded with each other. Both Ratan and Ayyaz share common interests like reading books, discuss different aspects of life and, surprisingly, also believe in numerology.

Ratan who has already changed her surname spelling from ‘Rajput’ to ‘Raajputh’ suggested and helped her beloved costar Ayyaz, who was interested in changing the spelling of his name, a numerologist. Ayyaz Ahmed who earlier spelled his name with single ‘y’ now changed it to Ayyaz with double ‘y’. Both the costars have changed their names and feel extremely optimistic towards their lives and really happy about it.

On talking to Ratan she said Ayyaz is very intuitive person just like me. We both believe a lot in vibes and instincts. After the shoot one day we were discussing about how I changed my surname. He was very keen on changing his name and wanted some valuable feedback from a professional numerologist from quite some time. That’s when I helped him and suggested my numerologist to him.”

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